SKINSO Smooth+ At-Home IPL Painless Hair Removal

SKINSO Smooth+ At-Home IPL Painless Hair Removal

SKINSO Smooth+ At-Home IPL Painless Hair Removal

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Skinso Smooth+ IPL Hair Removal Device | FDA Cleared Laser Hair Removal for Women and Men 500,000 Flashes Permanent Painless Facial & Body Professional Hair Removal Treatment Home Use

Color: White 
Power: 36W
Input Voltage: 100-240V
IPL Wavelength Range: 470-530nm

Lamp Life Time: 500,000 Flashes
Spot Size (window size of IPL): 4.5cm
Net Weight: 386g
Package Size: 257.5
 X 207 X 86.5 mm
Treatment Area: Facial & Body

1. Main unit X 1
AC Adapter X 1
3. Eye Protectors
4. Full detailed English manual/instructions X 1

-Hair Removal

✔ ADVANCED IPL TECHNOLOGY: The hair removal device uses advanced IPL technology to break the cycle of hair re-growth. .
✔ SUPER LONG LIFESPAN: 500,000 flashes per lamp which are enough for long-term use. After 12 weeks, you will get smooth and hairless skin.
✔ ADJUSTABLE 5 ENERGY LEVEL: The higher the level, the higher the energy and the better the hair removal effect. 5 levels of energy can be used to match your skin of different parts to the more appropriate energy level.
✔ SMART SKIN SENSOR: You do not have to worry about choosing skin tone settings as the device automatically detects for you. It is simple and you can see skin tone setting indicated by the Power button rear side of the smart skin tone sensor window.

Skinso Smooth+ uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology which is known as one of the most effective methods to treat unwanted body hair with longer-lasting results. Skinso Smooth+ produces gentle pulses of light that penetrate the skin and are absorbed by the hair. This causes the hair follicle to go into a ‘resting phase’ and prevent the hair from growing any further. A few days later, the treated hair falls out naturally. By repeating the treatment according to the recommended schedule, you can continue to prevent hair regrowth.

There are so many different methods of hair removal, from traditional shaving blades to professional laser treatments. Many are time-consuming, expensive or horribly painful. SmoothPro+ is FDA cleared and gives you the longer-lasting results with reasonable price. You can now use this innovative light-based hair regrowth prevention technology comfortably in the privacy of your own home, whenever and wherever you want. For important information about safety and how to use the device, please read through this user manual before you use SmoothPro+.

How Often:
First Stage (first 4 times):
• Once every two weeks

Second Stage (the 5th and 7th time):
• Once a month

Third Stage (the 8th and 10th time):
• Once every 3 months

How to use?
1. Shave off the surface hair on the treatment area. Clean your skin and make sure it is hair free.
2. Plug the power adapter into the power source and connect the hair removal device; the power indicator will be red and flash.
3. Put on the goggles over your eyes before the hair removal treatment. Press the power button to turn on the screen.
4. Place the skin tone sensor window closely against skin. The power light should change from flashing red light into a solid red light, meaning that the skin type is appropriate for hair removal.
5. After testing skin tone, the device will be set to level 1. Short press power button to switch treatment level. Select the appropriate intensity level for your skin.
6. Place the appliance in a 90° angle on the skin so that the attachment is in contact with the skin.
7. When the power light is solid green that means it is ready to flash. Press the light button to begin hair removal.
8. Slowly move the area for hair removal, avoiding going over the same spot more than once. This does not improve the effectiveness of the treatment, but increases the risk of skin reactions.
9. After hair removal treatment, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn off the device; unplug the unit after each treatment.
10. After hair removal, it is recommended to increase moisturizing and avoid exposing the affected area to direct UV light. You can apply toner, moisturizer or gel to the treated skin area to moisturize the skin.

 FAQs on Skinso Smooth+
Q: When I put the device against my skin, nothing happens. Why?
A: 1) You haven’t finished the skin tone testing step. Please place the skin tone sensor window against skin closely to finish the testing.
2.) Treatment window is not pressed closely against skin.

Q: Why I feel heat and hurt during operation?
A: 1) The treatment level is too high for you. Please press the power button to choose a lower level.
2) There is hair left on the skin. Please shave and clean the hair before use.

Q: Are there any long-term effects of Skinso Smooth+ usage? Is it safe for my skin?
A: Professional IPL treatments already exist for over 25 years and researches haven’t shown the appearance of skin cancer or fertility issues. No serious side effects or damage from long-term use have been reported. SmoothPro+ safety system ensures that light flashing is only possible if the window of the devices is in full contact with the skin. If your skin is too dark, the skin color sensor prevents the emission of flashes. Side effects and complications, while possible, are very unlikely as long as you use SmoothPro+ in accordance with this user manual.

Q: Is Skinso Smooth+ safe to use on the face?
A: By checking your skin type, you can choose the specific setting that will ensure effective yet gentle treatment on your face. As the area around your eyes is very sensitive, we recommend using Skinso Smooth+ only below the cheekbones in order to avoid the risk of eye damage. To achieve optimal results on the cheeks, upper lip and chin stand in front of the mirror to get a good view of the area to be treated.

Q: Is the flashing light on Skinso Smooth+ safe for my eyes?
A: Skinso Smooth+ does not hurt your eyes. The safety system prevents flashing when the device is not fully in contact with the skin. Be sure to make good skin contact to avoid unnecessary scattered light and never use Skinso Smooth+ in the area around your eyes or for treating your eyebrows. You may wear goggles during use. We recommend to use Skinso Smooth+ in a well-lit room, to reduce the perceived brightness of the flash.

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